an artistic view.

name: Kim Taehyung

birthday: Dec. 31, 1995

year: Junior

major: Studio Art

frat: Delta Tau Delta


Born in Daegu, Taehyung grew up as the middle child in a pretty conservative household with an older brother and a younger sister. His parents, always loving, put up with shenanigans when the three close in age were younger. They had their squabbles and their sibling rivalry, but there was always some form of love there even when they got on each others nerves. The squabbles were usually cut short when their grandmother, who was always close by, would visit. The Kim household was always filled with jokes and laughter.

High school wasn't easy, but he managed. It probably would have been easier if he hadn't spent half of the time going to parties with his older brother that he shouldn't have been at, daydreaming, acquiring a small rebellious streak, and finding a liking for weed. He wasn't a particularly bad kid, but he wasn't focused on his studies. Instead of studying he wanted to be with friends (even if it meant sneaking out of his second floor room). He did work hard when it counted, but due to academics being difficult it wasn't something he worked diligently at.

Taehyung was never particularly good at academics or sports unlike his siblings, but he was good at art. Drawing and painting always seemed to come easy to him. t fifteen Taehyung was diagnosed with anxiety, and art always seemed to ease his anxious and worrying mind. Art was something he wanted to pursue, even if his parents would find it silly or useless. They wanted him to pursue a career in something "useful" like business or law, like his older brother. But, that wasn't where his heart and passion were. His last year at high school brought anxiety, uneasiness, disagreements, and ultimately him finally agreeing to pursue something other than art... That lasted an entire semester before he changed his major.

His freshman year at Yonsei was stressful to say the least, but after switching his major to art, his mind finally felt at ease. Yonsei, to him, was the opportunity for new beginnings. It was an opportunity for new friends, new living spaces, new everything. Wanting a fresh start helped nudge him to Delta Tau Delta during pledge week after some other students had promoted their frat.

His aspirations currently are to continue pursuing a career in art, probably get married, have like three kids and as many pets as possible, a house that he can have an art studio in, and his art in every room.

Taehyung is a bit of a daydreamer, but he gets things done when it counts. He's prone to worry and stress, but his medicine helps even if he doesn't like to take it all of the time. He's friendly, bubbly, loud, full of bad jokes which he laughs at (he thinks he's the funniest person in the world), loving to a fault, and always curious. He's only a perfectionist when it comes to his work otherwise he can tend to be negligent with other things (including taking care of himself). Whatever he does he puts one hundred percent into, and he will continue with it until it is finished to his idea of perfection. He's often seen as childish or immature, but that doesn't mean he isn't the type to wake up late at night with his head full of questions and deep thoughts. He's a pacifistic lover, and just wants to see the world smile as brightly as possible.

Other Information

r/s: Taken

family: Parents, sister, brother, grandmother, and his rat Merlin

talents: Art, dad jokes, playing his saxophone Lola


Group: Bangtan Boys

Timezone:GMT+4 (EST US)

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Mun is 18+